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Take your Honda Ridgeline, Passport, or Pilot to the Next Level with under body protection, lift kits, and innovative accessory products from American Small Business Owners and Honda. #hondaridgeline #hondapassport


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NOTE: We are getting Married and will be a little slow in response from Sept 21st to the 30th for the Wedding and Honeymoon. I promise to rock n roll for you to get orders out, but please be patient. Thank you for all the kind words, it means a lot! ENJOY THE ADVENTURES!

What is up!?! - my name is Randy, aka CampingRandy. I am a Honda Advocate and love Honda's variable torque management system (i-VTM-4), and pretty much anything off-road Honda related activity. We love to hike, camp, cook, overland, breweries, and wineries; #smallbusiness. The Honda Ridgeline and Honda Passport are so capable, The Ridgeline has a 20.1-degree approach angle, 19.6-degree break-over angle, and 22.1-degree departure angle. There is not a lot out there to choose from for these platforms, so lets make a cool place where innovators can sell their Ridgeline Product in a one stop shop, with support. If you have any questions, hit me up on Social Media @campingrandy or email support@ridgelinestore.com. Thanks for stopping by!

After purchasing a new 2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E...I found out about the VCM cylinder retardation system and the worst of all Auto Idler Stop... This is to me bad stuff...I'm not a honda mechanic...You put these restrictions on a V6 and plan on towing 5 grand or need to make a fast move from a dead stop with the Auto Idler. From this old mans experience you will will find yourself where you don't want to be. So I researched YouTube looking for a solution and there he was Camping Randy with 2 of the most informing videos 1 on the S-VCM controller and on the Auto Idler Stop bypass And then I found out he owns the Ridgeline Store. Where you can purchase the units and he has a lot of other parts for the Ridgeline. Purchased both from the store and got the Auto Idler Stop first did the install about 15 minutes...easier then the video. Got no errors and was on my way. No Brainer Install. Next day received the S-VCM controller. This Install on a new 2022 Ridgeline. Was just a easy. BUT THE INFO FROM THE VIDEOS WAS THE MAGIC. Check Randy out...The man knows what he's talking about when it comes to the Ridgeline. And explains the issue with a clear understanding. Both units installed and working flawlessly. Not a very expensive fix you can do in your driveway by yourself Guaranteed your engine will love it. I believe these are available for other Honda models. Check out the store at ridgelinestore.com Great Store Great Prices and Fast Shipping. I've been on the planet for 73 years. This is my first Honda...Owned a lot of hot muscle cars in my time. Traded in a Hemi for the Ridgeline...got a good deal...But the best deal was from Camping Randy and his Ridgeline Store check him out you won't be sorry you did Thanks Randy...Be Safe All!!


Honda Ridgeline Bed Cargo Net: Orderd the Cargo Net and it was delivered in the expected time. Of all the accessories to get for our new 2022 Ridgeline RTL, this is the most used and usefull! The price, deliver and product quality were/are great. This net has held down everything from cardboard to multiple trips to the dump of 700 to 1,000 lbs.I mentioned in an email to Randy that I wished the bed had a center tie down so that the center hook on the net could be used. It was only a comment / wish with no expectation of a reply. Randy replied! He nicely explained that the center hook is for folding the net in half allowing you to hook the center on the lower tie down either at the cab or the tailgate and the corners go to the top tie downs. He even attached a graphic to illustrate this. It all made sense on how Honda designed the net. It can hold things down or act as a 'basket'. I did not expect an answer because I felt I was being retorical, so when the reply came in with the graphic I was very impressed.I have my list of Ridgeline Store products to buy.Personalized service from someone who cares about his Ridgeline, products and clients!! Would like to share a cup of coffee with Randy.Thank you RidgelineStore and CampingRandy.

scott b

Picked up a new 2022 Ridgeline and this was my first stop for accessories. We have a Black Edition so there really aren't a ton of things we needed but we picked up the hood deflector and under-seat storage cabinet. Both were delivered promptly, they were exactly as advertised and both well made. Plus, Randy sent me a link on how to install the hood deflector. Great service and we'll be back for more from the Ridgeline Store!

Pruitt H

I love my bug deflector for my 2022 Ridgeline! It fit perfectly and was easy to install thanks to the helpful video Randy produced. My only complaint is I overtightened one of the mounting screws & cracked the plastic washer. They don't sell individual washers so you have to buy the whole installation kit which is $40! I can't complain though because the same kit is $45 at the dealer so kudos to Randy for giving us a discount! For future reference, if you buy this deflector, put red Loctite on the screws and do not tighten them a lot.


Why we built it!

As you know, there is not a lot out there for creating an individualized rig for the Honda Ridgeline. Myself and a team of innovators have been creating items for the Honda Ridgeline and we want to share them with you. Welcome to the Ridgeline Store. 

If you are a fabricator, innovator, inventor, and have products you would like to feature at The Ridgeline Store, email us at support@ridgelinestore.com.

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